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Which Way Schools Programme

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What is the Which Way Schools Programme?

The Which Way? programme focuses on increasing understanding of issues related to risk taking behaviours, such as substance misuse anti-social behaviour, social media etc. The programme also focuses on building resilience and improving mental wellbeing in children and young people.

Who is the programme for?

The Which Way? Programme is available to all primary and secondary schools within Glasgow City Council. The programme is delivered by Which Way? School Engagement Officers over 4 weeks for Primary 7 pupils and 6 sessions for S2 pupils.

The overall aims of programme are that the learners will:

• Increase their knowledge of risk and multiple risk
• Consider the possible consequences of risk taking behaviours
• Develop a deeper understanding of our emotions, personal attitudes and triggers
• Improve skills such as decision making and problem solving as well as working as part of a team.
• Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing by increasing coping skills, self-efficacy and confidence
• Identify where and who they can go to for support in their community

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“Everything! Especially when we had to make decisions for the different characters and use the community map! “ “The different emotions I feel, and how dangerous some risks can be”- Favourite part of the programme?
“not all risks are bad” “I do not have to be pressured into doing things”- What have you learned from the programme?
“Pupils enjoyed participating in the activities and engaging in the discussions.” “Children really enjoyed the sessions. Very interactive”.- Teacher feedback
“Thankyou very much for everything. I believe the class will grow together in trust and friendship due to the discussion and empathy that has been created throughout the last few weeks. Sincere thanks!”- St Vincent’s Primary School
“The young person really understood the dangers and implications of risk taking behaviour and took on board the support given”- Pastoral Care, Holyrood Secondary School

Curriculum For Excellence

The programme will support and develop the curriculum for Health and Wellbeing and in particular, the organisers for Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical Wellbeing and Substance Misuse.


Quality Assurance

The Which Way? programme content has been approved by the Health Improvement Education Group (HIEG) to ensure that all materials and resources meet the standard expected by the quality assurance process.


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