I think I may be drinking too much

As a general rule if you think that you are drinking too much, then it’s probably worth talking to someone about it. People drink for many reasons. You might be experiencing a relationship ending, work difficulties, money worries or a bereavement. You may not be sure why you are drinking a lot at the moment. [...]

Alcohol and the family

A parent's drinking can impact on all aspects of a young person's life, at home, at school, relationships with family and friends. When one member of the family has a drinking problem, all family members are affected. In some families both parents will have a problem with alcohol Don’t feel guilty or ashamed about the [...]

Building Positive Pathways

Our Building Positive Pathways Programme aims to raise awareness of the impact of adverse childhood experiences. The focus will be on health and wellbeing and support survivors to develop healthy coping skills in a safe and supportive environment. Building positive pathways promotes individuals choice and offers a range of self-directed support for survivors. Building positive [...]

Support groups

Glasgow Council on Alcohol offer Drop In sessions for individuals who wish to meet up with like minded people who are getting and staying sober. These sessions run on weekdays and are part of our "Building Positive Pathways" programme. The aims of these groups are to offer people a chance to: Meet up and socialise [...]
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