New alcohol guidelines

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New alcohol guidelines

Men and women should drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week to reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer and liver disease, under new guidelines issued by the UK Chief Medical Officers. The guidance makes clear that there is no “safe” level of alcohol consumption. The risk of developing a range of cancers increases even at low levels of consumption. The CMOs advise that both men and women do not regularly drink more than 14 units of alcohol a week, to keep health risks to a low level. Fourteen units is the equivalent of 6 pints of standard beer, a bottle and a half of wine, or half a bottle of spirits. If people drink 14 units per week, this should be spread over three days or more. Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should avoid drinking alcohol altogether while pregnant.


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Contact us by telephone on 0141 353 1800 or email us at for more details and advice on alcohol related advice, training and workshops.


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