• Prison throughcare support

  • Structured Group work

  • Reconnecting women’s programme



Working alongside individuals to set achievable goals to help reduce re-offending. This is tailored support that deals with many of the issues that can impact negatively on people if not addressed.

The service will provide mentoring support that is person-centred and aims to encourage change by achieving goals. E.g. developing resilience, self-care, confidence, well-being to then attain a crime free life.

Structured Group work programmes

These sessions are aimed at addressing offending behaviour by incorporating education on health and personal impact of substance use, coping skills, relapse prevention, achieving personal goals and maintaining recovery. It can fulfil a requirement as part of a CPO and also offer a focused educational opportunity as directed under a CJSW or PF.


Prison Throughcare Support

Throughcare planning for release from prison

The service will provide mentoring support to aid rehabilitation by providing a holistic approach to achieve goals e.g. developing resilience, self-care and general well-being during the transition from prison into the community. We will provide advice and support with budgeting / debt management / housing and benefits. We will also offer other help to access other sources of community support.

Reconnecting Women’s Programme

In addition to the throughcare programme on offer, women will be supported in a group setting, to engage in gender focused support and personal development. Women can attend sessions on health and wellbeing programme on building resilience, self-care and positive coping skills.


We do not …

It is not within GCA’s remit to provide treatment, prescriptions, rehab or detox services for dependant alcohol or drug use. Neither is it within our remit to treat acute mental health conditions, provide accommodation or emergency funds. However we will work with individuals and partner organisations to access specialist support to meet needs.

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