Building Positive Pathways

Our new Building Positive Pathways Timetable is now ready. The timetable includes a range of programmes based on feedback from staff, volunteers and service users. The New Programme includes:

Outreach Programme – We are providing our Building Positive Pathways Programmes to other organisations. Please contact the BPP team for more information.

Wellbeing Wednesday – A 6 week programme focusing on positive health and well-being including stress management, relaxation, self care and coping skills. The group will include making a healthy lunch each week. While service users can join at any point we are encouraging them to come along for the 6 weeks so please contact the BPP to register and encourage clients to attend.

Thursday Reconnecting Women Programme – 1pm – 3pm.

Feel Good Friday – A variety of activity including cooking, art workshop and peer support.

Reiki – As an extension of FGF (1.30-3.30pm) we are running a 4 week Reiki course which will start on Friday 11th November. This is open to all service users including Reiki Beginners and those wishing to practice their Reiki skills. Please contact a member of the Building Positive Pathways Team to sign up. Please encourage clients to come along and sign up.

*Please note*
1-1 Support this available throughout the week. Please contact a member of the BPP Team to arrange an appointment.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Building Positive Pathways Team on 0141 353 1800 or