Support groups

Support groups


Support Groups & Drop In Sessions

Glasgow Council on Alcohol offer Drop In sessions for individuals who wish to meet up with like minded people who are getting and staying sober. These sessions run Friday afternoons and are called “Feel Good Fridays” and aim to offer people a chance to:

  • Meet up and socialise
  • Learn to cook on a budget
  • Art class
  • Information & advice
  • Internet & Computer access
  • Tea, coffee and biscuits

Feel Good Friday Drop In & Support Group

What are Feel Good Fridays?

Feel Good Fridays are held at Glasgow Council on Alcohol, 1st Floor, North Claremont Street every Friday afternoons.

Can anyone attend?

Yes, we would like to welcome people who wish to get and stay sober, or who may know someone who has a problem with alcohol. It is preferable if you contact Natalie if you are interested in coming along on 0141 353 1800

What will I gain?

Our aim is to provide a safe and informal place for people to meet up and socialise, share experiences and perhaps gain new skills.

How do I get involved?

Phone Natalie on 0141 353 1800 or email us or using our contact form.

Glasgow Council on Alcohol (GCA)
14 North Claremont Street
G3 7LE
Tel 0141 353 1800

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