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Tackling the misuse of alcohol
Glasgow Council on Alcohol (GCA) has over 45 years experience of delivering a range of services for the people of Glasgow to tackle the misuse of alcohol. Our services are confidential and free at point of contact.

Glasgow Council on Alcohol

Glasgow Council on Alcohol is a voluntary organisation working with individuals, families and communities to promote health and wellbeing. We offer direct support for people to abstain from alcohol or reduce their alcohol consumption, provide training and education and work with other agencies and communities to achieve our main aim of reducing harm caused by alcohol and drugs.

Our Vision

Glasgow Council on Alcohol will use its position as Glasgow’s leading voluntary organisation tackling the misuse of alcohol to:

  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Address inequalities in service provision and enable wider access to services
  • Improve alcohol and drug education
  • Work alongside partners in the provision of services and education
  • Influence the social climate to reduce harmful alcohol consumption

Our Values

Glasgow Council on Alcohol values and respects the diversity of people and understands that:

  • Health is vital to individuals, family relationships, communities and society
  • Everyone has the right to live in safety
  • Everyone has the right to be accepted and treated equally
  • Everyone should have access to education, information and high quality confidential services
  • Services should be client centred, respectful and non-judgemental; their staff and volunteers do not exploit, oppress or cause physical or emotional harm to others


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